GIANTS Editor 7.1.0

Der neue Giants Editor

GIANTS Editor Changelog

7.1.0 (14.03.2017)
- Added prefabs dialog
- Fixed spline rendering
- Fixed spline selection
- Fixed freeze transformation
- Fixed animation window, it showed the wrong animation time

7.0.5 (21.11.2016)
- Fixed crash when painting one or two channel foliage layers

7.0.4 (17.11.2016)
- Added shape attribute CPU mesh (e.g. to mark shapes to be wrapped by tension belts)
- Fixed crash when selecting fill volumes, splines or particle systems
- Fixed special character saving

7.0.3 (11.11.2016)
- Fixed create mod-map from game briefing image issue
- Added helper scripts
- Fixed issues with light rendering on older GPUs

7.0.2 (25.10.2016)
- Increased max number of editable custom-shader-parameters
- Using srgb for mod texture dds
- Create mod from game writes descVersion=31
- Report mod conv proper error-message in case of uploading to big files
- Fixed modding tools proper save paths
- Fixed undo stack size when undoing
- Fixed texture viewer showing wrong color space in drop down
- Fixed texture viewer and mod texture selection to show "convert to dds" if the png is selected while a dds exist
- Fixed srgb <-> linear conversion with dds conversion in texture viewer
- Fixed mod conv old file was opened after conversion
- Fixed getting started dialog
- Fixed opening of converted mods

7.0.0 (14.09.2016)
- Added getSceneFilename to script
- Added mods from game Steam version support
- Updated modding tools
- Fixed export with files

7.0.0 Beta (23.07.2016)
- Improved scripting window
- Added support for orthographic camera
- Added refresh custom shader button on material panel
- Added [shift] + WASD + [right mouse button] navigation
- Added support for undo / redo of object selection / deselection
- Added hot key for hide object (CTRL-H) and show object (SHIFT+H)
- Fixed / Improved rotation- and translation gizmo
- Added scaling gizmo
- Fixed terrain wireframe rendering
- Added support for interactive placement along face normal
- Improved debug rendering of light sources
- Added support to group selected nodes
- Improved spline editing, introduced concept of edit points
- Added support for interactive placement of spline control- and edit points
- Added absolute (key x) and relative (key j) snapping tool for object rotation and translation
- Added Modding Tools
- Added support to modify BV


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