John Deere S600 1.0.0

Custom Modding

US Version Model 2012


  • 2 grain tank options
  • Real sound
  • 2 pipe options
  • 5 wheel options (with tracks!)
  • 2 engine options (S680 and S690)
  • Starfire option
  • Number
  • Farm logo (Custom Harvesting)

Due to the complexity of the project (the most detailed and difficult ever made by Custom Modding) we ban any type of editing, except for personal use!

Update your game to the latest version!

If you use the drivecontrol mod, to use the version with track turn on the 4wd.

On the pipe, as some of you may know, FS17 does not support more than 1, but I made an adaptation for it to work, so you need to centralize correctly to unload.

In this version IC Control and John Deere cutter’s are not available. Due to the project delays (Rafael was without video card for a long period) we decided to launch anyway so as not to delay further. soon we will add these options in a future version. We apologize for this.

We are already working on the S700 2018 version and Cutters!!!

The Brazilian version is ready and we will launch soon.

Special thanks to all patrons (Beta testers) who have tested and reported the errors.


  • Version 1.0.0