Sawdust mod


Mod für den Landwirtschafts Simulator 17

Holzschnitzel zu Boden vom Entasten, Zuschneiden und Fällen von Bäumen - English: When cut with chainsaw or woodharvester machine, this mod simulate the leavings and sawdust with default woodchips tipped to ground, that then need to be load or clean. When chainsaw in use or when woodharvester he grabbed tree, is possible to change "dust" level from 0 (off) to 3 (max), default 2. Please note that only in zone ok for tip to ground woodchips are generated.


Ver. 1.2.2

- fix dedicated server issue

Ver. 1.2.1

- fix error in multiplayer

Ver. 1.2.0

- fix issue with Seasons Wopstr instrument

- code refactoring

Ver. 1.1.1

- fix for some treesaw error

Ver. 1.1.0

- added sawdust to stump cutter and tree saw like DFM TurboSaw

- other minor adjustment


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