Fendt 500 Vario SCR Full Pack 1.0.0

Giants Software, 820PowerLS, Oylerhenry, Famaro96

Hallo LS Community! Hier eine Version vom Fendt 500 Vario SCR .

Hello LS community!

I present you my version Fendt 500 Vario SCR . It’s a premium mod, the best you can get in game.

This mod has many new configurations, improved textures, new animations,configurations, bug fixes and many other improvements.

Have a nice game!

Fendt Vario SCR 513/514/516

Mod Functions and Changes:

  • New more realistic color textures and gloss reduction
  • Added Dynamic Hoses (Front and Back)
  • New Exhaust effects
  • New dirt skin(New color dirt)
  • New skin Trelleborg Tires
  • Added Frontloader Fendt
  • New more realistic windows textures
  • Added new configuration design
  • Added engine model
  • Added Foldable Beacon Lights
  • New FL protection
  • New grill
  • Added new wheel configurations(New Tires, New Rims)
  • Added Passenger Script
  • Added Warning signs
  • Added Fendt weight(750 kg)

*Fixed all bugs and other visual changes…

  • Full Washable
  • Motor configurations
  • Wheels configurations
  • Movable front axis
  • FL console
  • Animated hydraulic
  • Interactive control
  • You can open door also from outside(R)
  • Opening the door,front and back window
  • Indoor sound
  • Full lights
  • Movable front fender
  • Mirrors
  • Speedometer and tachometer
  • Dust, tire tracks

In pack:

  • Fendt 500 Vario SCR Series
  • Frontloader Fendt
  • Fendt weight 750 kg
  • Please keep only original download link and don’t reload on other hosts.
  • Please appreciate my work and please don’t release edit this version.
  • You can add mod on other forums but copy the whole post.


  • Version 1.0.0